PELA Motorsports Next Level Duramax

6.0 LS Airboat

LS2/T56 Grand Sport

LQ9 Airboat

My Jeep YJ featured in the second edition of Jefferson Bryant's book,  How to Swap GM LS-Series Engines Into Almost Anything

LS Swamp Buggy

5.3 setup

C10 5.3 4L60E swap

6.2 L92 6L80E E38

Bubble Wagon
5.3 LS 4L60E swap

LBZ Pela Truck

Next Level Duramax


LLY Allison Duramax

H1 Hummer

1959 Kingswood Patina Wagon LS Swapped

What People Say about harnesses by Ken Wolkens


5 Star Auto Body, Melbourne, FL.
LS Swapped Patina Truck

LBZ Duramax Maxxed Out Race Truck

LBZ Duramax Race Truck

LS Turbo Fox Body

LY6 69 Camaro

LS Swamp Buggy
5.3 TH400

LBZ Duramax Race Truck

1969 Camaro RS

LB7 Duramax/Allison Harness For Jeff Lutz - Lutz Race Cars

CJ7 LS2 4L60E

Ls Swapped Pantera DeTomaso

Turbo 6.0 Rock Crawler

1963 C10 6.0

Patina Truck

Wrangler  Mud Covered

5.3  Swapped Jeep Nitrous