Note:  Please remove Battery Cables or other items attached to the donor harness if you wish to reuse them.  They will be disposed of if left attached.

Note:  Please do not ship Electronic Modules without prior approval.

Ken's work featured

in Jefferson bryant's book How to Swap GM LS-Series EnginEs into almost anything

 Ken Wolkens

Standalone Harness

1195 Dromin

Melbourne, FL. 32940 US

Main Phone - (321) 604-1963

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Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM (Eastern Time Zone)

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Ken Wolkens

As a Test Engineer I've worked on numerous GM vehicle programs when I lived in the Detroit area AKA The Motor City. As a result I know these harnesses inside and out.

I am professional and punctual. If I say that it will be done or I will be there at a certain time you can set a watch by me. I have built over 1600 harnesses in my career and have numerous references who will be happy to talk about the high quality work I have done on their Stand Alone Harnesses.

All Calls, Emails, Texts and Voice Mail messages will be answered promptly.