Standalone Solutions Featured and Discussed in Diesel Power Magazine May 2018 and August 2016.

About  Ken Wolkens

Ken's work also featured in a chapter of Jefferson Bryant's book How to Swap GM LS Engines into Almost Anything.


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NOTE:  Please remove everything that can be disconnected before shipping any harness for conversion.  Sensors, and extra sections like the Duramax Accelerator Pedal and the Transfer Case should not be sent.  Battery cables should also be removed if you plan to reuse.  We do not retain, stock or sell replacements of any of these items.

As a Test Engineer I've worked on numerous GM vehicle programs when I lived in the Detroit area AKA The Motor City. As a result I know these harnesses inside and out.

I am professional and punctual. If I say that it will be done or I will be there at a certain time you can set a watch by me. I have built over 2800 harnesses in my career and have numerous references and high profile customers who will be happy to talk about the high quality work I have done on their Stand Alone Harnesses.

All Calls, Emails, Texts and Voice Mail messages will be answered promptly.

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