L83 L86 LT1 Accelerator Pedal Options

Oil Pressure Gauge Sensor Location

Disconnecting L83 L86 and LT1 Connectors


LTx Fan Thermoswitch and Adapter

Identifying the Year of a Gen 5 Harness

Harness Pigtail Connections

Easy Cooling Fan Control Solution

Gen 5 AC Compressor Connectors

No Fuel Rail Pressure Part 1

How to identify a Gen 2 10L80 Transmission side connector

Oil Pressure and O2 Connector HInts

Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Differences

Mass Air Flow Sensors for Gen 5 LTx

How to Identify the Year of Your Transmission

Mixing and Matching Components

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L83 and L86 Harness Grounds

How to Ship, Check-In and Invoicing

Reusing the Gen 5 AC Compressor

Identify the Year of an ECM or TCM

Fan Relay Module Hook Up

How to identify a Gen 2 10L80 TCM side Connector

Oxygen (02) and MAF Sensor Advice

Plain English Disclaimer:  Over the years we've presented a ton of information here on this website, in videos, verbally over the phone and in printed instructions and supplements.  We've done our best to test and verify each suggestion made and at the time any information is conveyed it is believed to be accurate.  However GM makes calibration changes to each of their Electronic Modules internal software and hardware systems on an irregular basis.  We will do our best to update and modify the information we convey here on this website in a timely manner once a new challenge is discovered.  In the end, it's up to you the customer to check back here for updates to suggestions and installation techniques and make the appropriate modifications to your installation approach  if needed.

Oxygen Sensor Connector Mod

L83 L86 and LT1 Donor Harness

What needs to be sent for modification?

Cruise Control, Tap Shift, Tow Haul, Transfer Case

No Fuel Rail Pressure Part 2

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